GPC Duffel Bag


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Product Description

Designed and produced in the USA, the GPC Duffel is equally functional for daily use as a work or gym bag as it is for short travel, including to a polo match! The roomy main compartment is made from heavyweight water-repellent canvas, which is extremely durable, and gets better with use. The reinforced waxed canvas bottom provides an extra layer of protection from wet surfaces. The nylon lining protects the bag’s exterior from any spills or stains on the inside, and the leather accents lend a premium feel and understated sophistication.

Originally developed as a military bag during World War I and II, duffel bags eventually became associated with counter culture as soldiers turned on, tuned in, and dropped out, taking their military issued gear with them. The silhouette was later adopted for use in athletics based on the bags’ durability and functionality.


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