Nic Roldan

Photo credit Juan Lamarca

Photo credit Juan Lamarca

Nic Roldan

Handicap: 8
Team: Audi
Home Country: USA

What polo location is still on your bucket list?

City life or country life? 
Country Life

Ocean or mountains?
Both are ideal

Do you have any superstition or ritual before a big match?
Just my daily routines that include spending time at the barn with my horse trainers, lots of time in the gym with my personal trainer, and time at home.

Three words that describe polo at Greenwich Polo Club?
Picturesque, Serene, Competitive

What’s your go-to gear for polo?
PoloGear Nic Roldan Free Shoulder Saddles

What’s your favorite polo memory?
Traveling the world and winning the U.S. Open Polo Championship

How do you unwind after a match?
Spending time at home with my family

Do you play or watch any other sports besides polo?
Big sports fan. Some of my favorites are football, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, and surfing. Love playing all of them and any other sports that keep me active outdoors.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

What’s one word to describe your playing style?

What’s the craziest horse name you’ve ever heard?
There are so many, I wouldn’t have enough space to list them all!

What’s the name of your first polo pony? 
China and Gallego were my first horses

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