Leighton Jordan

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Leighton Jordan

Managing Director of Greenwich Polo Club
Northeast Circuit Governor of United States Polo Association
Polo Player for more than 38 years
Home Country: USA

What polo location is still on your bucket list?
I started playing polo at Skidmore College and founded their team and since then have had the amazing opportunity to play polo in many different locations… here at Greenwich, plus I’ve played in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Mexico.  I’ve been extremely fortunate and think I can comfortably check “exotic polo location” off my bucket list.

City life or country life?
Country! Country! Country!

Ocean or mountains?
Easy, ocean.

Do you have any superstition or ritual before a big match?
I work at relaxing before a match – I mentally gather myself and also do a lot of stretching.

Three words that describe polo at Greenwich Polo Club?
Beautiful, professional and “the best.” Sorry, but I had to add that extra word in there.

What’s your favorite polo memory?
Playing at Skidmore College my senior year in 1977. We invited the Oxford Polo Team from England and the date of our match was Oct. 15th – the same date of the Battle of Saratoga, 200 years ago. The New York Times covered the match and on the front page of the sports section was the headline “The British have returned to Saratoga armed with mallets instead of muskets.”

How do you unwind after a match?
With my friends.

Do you play or watch any other sports besides polo?
A bit of tennis and golf.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Quogue, Long Island.

What’s the craziest horse name you’ve ever heard?
Probably Blueberry or Broccoli.

What’s the name of your first polo pony?

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