Joaquin Panelo


Joaquin Panelo

4-goaler, 21 years old
Team: Turkish Airlines
Home Country: USA

What polo location is still on your bucket list?
Santa Barbara, I like it because it’s between the beach and the mountains.

City life or country life?
City life.

Ocean or mountains?

Do you have any superstition or ritual before a big match?
No superstitions. I like to listen to music, I use music to focus.

Three words that describe polo at Greenwich Polo Club?
Fun. Exotic. Relaxing.

What’s your go-to gear for polo (boots, sunglasses, watch)?
Fagliano boots, Oakley sunglasses, Falcon helmet, Casablanca jersey, Levi’s jeans.

What’s your favorite polo memory?
Having played polo with my 3 brothers.

How do you unwind after a match?
I like to go to the barn for a little while, talk about the match and the horses with the grooms, then I go home.

Do you play or watch any other sports besides polo?
I love tennis, I am fascinated by soccer.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

What’s one word to describe your playing style?
Quiet. I don’t stress out.

What’s the craziest horse name you’ve ever heard?
XOXO owned by Melissa Ganzi.

What’s the name of your first polo pony?
Zapatilla (snicker)

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