Groups at Polo: Guests who do not book cabanas or VIP tent

Updated April 2017.

Dear fans,

We’ve seen an increasing number of lawn ticket holders gathering for bridal showers, alumni groups, car clubs, and friends at polo. In an effort to help all of our guests enjoy the space, and to stay fair to all individuals and organizations, we are placing a guideline for our fans to set-up when they have a large group of friends and/or colleagues meeting for a day at polo.

Greenwich Polo Club does not charge additional group/event fees as long as your group follows these guidelines:

  • A gathering of more than 15 guests is considered an event (excluding number of children) and must check in at if they are planning any special set-up. Please be mindful of not blocking entire areas preventing other people from enjoying the day!
  • Free seating on the lawn is on a first come first serve basis, no reserving spots.
  • Please keep food & beverage set-up to a minimum (think of what fits in a picnic basket). Day tents are not permitted.
  • Lawn seating is marked by white lines, please stay clear of walkways. Seating in the shaded areas underneath umbrellas/open cabanas is available on the EAST side. Please ask GPC lawn staff for assistance when in doubt.
  • You can bring packaged snacks and soft drinks to share. Any prepared food must be catered by licensed and insured vendors available (group catering, food trucks on-site, pre-order sandwich combo).
  • Seating under trees is allowed with blankets only. No coolers, chairs/tables.
  • Picnic tables are provided on West side for everyone, they are for use while consuming food truck’s food. Not intended to be used by a single group only.
  • Buying, pouring and serving alcohol to other people is not permitted.
  • Bar service for your group can be arranged through the Tastings NYC company directly (you can arrange group pricing with them).
  • No reserved/group parking is available (handicap access/parking must be requested to police on-site).
  • You may want to make sure all your guests know in advance where to go once they are on site (create a contact number). The number one priority is not to delay gate processing because they think they are going to one of the booked events.
  • Display of brands and flags is not permitted (alumni groups, please email us with details, tablecloths for alumni groups are a perfect way to highlight it!
  • Any other arrangement must be pre-approved (

We hope you keep on choosing us, we love to host you and your friends!

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